YouTuber’s Amazon Affiliate Course


Thank you for checking out the course!

You love creating content for YouTube and engaging with your community.  Sharing and entertaining are part of who you are!

You dream of growing your channel and making your YouTube career a sustainable part of your life.  It’s difficult, though, without your channel generating some income for you.

With some amount of income from your channel, you can do all the things you have been wanting to do, like:

  • Upgrade your lighting and camera equipment
  • Upgrade your channel’s banner, intro or thumbnails
  • Get awesome gadgets, toys, games or gear to show off or review on your channel
  • Decorate your set
  • Upgrade your web presence
  • Travel for your videos
  • Buy ads to drive more traffic to your channel
  • All those things that we know we need to do to grow our channels, but find it difficult without the extra money…

You have big plans and dreams for your channel!  Affiliate income will help you achieve those without selling out or nagging your audience and Amazon is the easiest affiliate program to get started with.


Here are some of the things you will learn this course:

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of setting up your Amazon Affiliate account including payment and tax information.
  • How to create links to Amazon products that carry your affiliate code so that you get credit for the sales.
  • How to develop your strategy about which products work best for your audience.
  • How to setup your own website without any previous experience.
  • How to attach your site to your YouTube account so that you can link to it from your Annotations for great results.
  • How Amazon Affiliate Reports & Tracking IDs work so that you can find out where your effort is being most effective and achieving maximum results.
  • The legal and YouTube TOS issues that you must be aware of and how to do affiliate sales without violating laws or YouTube’s rules.

You also get:

30-1132Access to our exclusive Facebook group for this course where we will be…

  • Answering any questions you have,
  • Helping you through the process and
  • Coaching and celebrating with you along the way!
  • As well as early and discounted access to future courses.

Also, if you’re unhappy with the course, we will refund your full purchase amount within 30 days!  You have nothing to lose.