Podcasts We Dig

We don’t just love making podcasts for you all.  We love listening to them, too.  Here’s a quick list of some of the podcasts we like by category.

Business / Entreprenuership

Smart Passive Income – Hosted by: Pat Flynn
One of the best podcasts out there for learning and growing as an online business owner or entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur on Fire – Hosted by: John Lee Dumas
Great podcast of interviews with leaders in the business world.  Lots of inspiration and practical take-aways.


Ear Biscuits – Hosted by: Rhett & Link
These guys are old-school Youtubers and have made a career out of being entertaining.  This podcast interviews Internet stars and gets surprisingly deep while being very funny.  Their Youtube stuff is great, too.

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Hosted by: Matt & Ben
These guys dig into conspiracy theories and other controversial topics on this well-produced show from the HowStuffWorks network.  There are both video and audio STDWYTK podcasts.  The audio is not just a rip of the audio track from the video podcast.  It’s a more in-depth look at the topics in a discussion format.


The Model Health Show – Hosted by: Shawn Stevenson
In this podcast, Shawn focuses on helping you become the most you can be.  From eating right and exercise to sleep and proper thinking, his podcast is informative and enjoyable.