Things We Use

Here is all the equipment that we use and like! Each item is linked to and if you use our link to purchase them you will also be helping support the channel!

Zoom r24

Zoom r24

The audio recording equipment we use is from a company called ZOOM. We are using there R24 which is a bit over kill but is great for recording with multiple inputs. We can link in our computer and our 2 mics which is all we need but it has 6 phantom power slots and 8 slots all together. All the slots are for 1/4 inch and xlr.

The deal is ZOOM always performs. I have never had one of the recording devices fail except for a time when a client dropped mine on the floor… you know… clients..

studio projects b1This is our main mic that we use! It has a great sound and runs off of phantom power. It is not a USB mic! NOT USB.

(I don’t want anyone buying this mic thinking they can plug it into there computer. It doesn’t work that way. It works great with the zoom R24 though!)

The company is Studio Projects (SP) and the mic is a B1 Vocal Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

I highly recommend this mic for great sound but if you are looking for a great usb mic here is one that I have heard a lot of great podcasters use. Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

We are using a Canon Rebel T5 but I highly recommend using the T5i because the T5 only records for 12 mins and does not have a flip out screen. The T5i will record up to 30 mins. The T5i does have a flip out monitor which is nice.

PRO TIP: We sink up our audio and video in Adobe Premier CC. When in a sequence window select the video’s audio file and the recorders audio file and then from the Menu bar select “CLIP” and then “Synchronize” (make sure the two audio clips are not on the same track) Sometimes I have to do this twice before it does it right but it usually aligns the audio and video perfectly! I actually use the right click on my mouse to do this instead of using the menu bar.