Mankind’s Free Will

I’ve always been a believer in free will.  A question was asked of some students once: If you could make someone from the opposite sex fall in love with you, would you do it?  Would you prefer that they give their love to you freely?  How would you feel in the longer term if you were to have forced them?

The majority of people would like to have their emotional gifts returned without persuasion.  To require them reciprocated would be cruel.

I also believe, though, that we’re constantly in a battle for our free will.  To avoid getting political on the topic, I’ll stick to the intellectual and knowledge side of the discussion.

Here’s my quick list of things that threaten our mental free will in our modern society:

  • Historical revisionism
  • Marketing
  • “Common knowledge”
  • Abbreviation

The focus of this blog will be to help any interested party expand the context and the content of their understanding of the world around us.  I’m constantly seeking this and it’s my firm belief that more people are these days.  I will try to stay neutral on the subjects of politics and religion where possible.  If you’re interested in my beliefs on those topics, it’s not hard to divine these from a handful of Google searches.

Do you think that there are other things that threaten our ability to think independently of outside censorship, either explicit or implicit?

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