A Burning Passion to BE

It’s not enough to just be. If the question is simply “to be or not to be”, then it is not enough. I will not simply be.

I am a man made to do great things. I am a husband wed to love courageously! I am a son born to make parents proud! I am a student to the teacher that screams out, “THIS IS WHY I TEACH!” I am the employee that finishes his work by 5!! Uhum… I mean, the employee who loves his boss…?

No. I have a burning passion to be more than just an employee that meets deadlines. Nine to 5 might describe my work day, but it does not define what I am capable of doing…of being.

To be or to be great. It’s not a question, but rather a challenge.

That’s why Indie Intellect means so much to me. It’s a place where we get to bring great content and challenging ideas to you. It’s a place to inspire great things. The world is beaming with opportunity. It’s time to do something about that.

It’s time to BE what you have a burning passion to BE.

Burning Passion to Be

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