About Us

Do you believe that people can make their own destiny?

Do you believe that there is more to this life we are leading than what is given to us by schools/media/news networks/culture?

Do you seek to fill your mind with knowledge and prefer to dig at the source than be spoonfed processed ideas?

Welcome, friend, to a place with like minds.  You’re a fellow Indie Intellect.


We believe in those who pursue knowledge and understanding as the lungs pursue oxygen.

We believe that the story we’re told may or may not be completely accurate or completely fabricated.

We believe in the hint of truth that is behind every lie and the lie that is behind many truths.

We are skeptical and inquisitive.  We take the face value as a starting point, not an end.


Keep up with us.  Don’t let some of the information pass you by.  There aren’t too many places out there that welcome people like you and I.